5 Reasons You Should Take this Online Permaculture Design Course

It’s not just a life-changing education…it’s a family.

Photo by Heather Jo Flores

You want to study at your own pace, from your own home.

​When you have time and privacy for your own, ongoing, hands-on experimentation,you can take as long as you need to give what you’re learning a chance to percolate in your mind. ​Plus you get lifetime access to all future iterations. In-person courses simply can’t offer that, and neither can they offer the size and breadth of community we do.

Photo by Heather Jo Flores

You want to learn from women.

Our course contains content from more than 100 female experts, and our active faculty includes 20+ teachers who are recognized authors, leaders, and innovators in the permaculture community. This makes our course the most comprehensive and well-supported Permaculture Design Course in the world.

You want to save money.

​Sliding-scale tuition includes 1:1 faculty mentorship, and TWO certifications. This means our course the most affordable certified permaculture design course on the planet.

Photo by Heather Jo Flores

​You want to nurture and support people doing good work for the Earth.

Your tuition helps to fund the #freepermaculture project, which provides online training to more than 50,000 students, all around the world.

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