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Learn Permaculture Design, Online

In addition to the portal for creative women, I curate and co-organize two full-scale permaculture courses–one is a collection of 52 classes, available for free, and the other is a mentored permaculture certificate course, by and for women.


Permaculture Women’s Guild

I direct an international collaboration of teachers, students, and dirty-hands permaculture practitioners, working together to heal the Earth.


The #freepermaculture project

This project offers 52 FREE weekly classes, starting at the beginning and moving through the process of designing a sustainable homestead.

courses, challenges, toolkits

Resources, Courses, and Community for Creative People Who Love Plants

Select from a unique collection of unique and original courses & resources based on permaculture, friendship marketing, the heroine’s journey. I specialize in stuff for women writers, but you don’t have to be a writer nor a woman to enjoy my work–all types of creative people will love these resources.


“Heather comes across like we imagine the true craft masters do: wise, practiced, compassionate and still curious. She helped me feel like a thing I’ve been dreaming about is not only possible, but just around the corner for me.”


“The content was wide reaching, far more than I expected. I particularly loved the videos by Heather, her down to earth approachable style was a delight. The modules varied in intensity but the ability to work at my own pace made it a great learning experience.”


“Anyone can do it, and if everyone did, we could make so many massive shifts together. The course was emotionally challenging, intellectually invigorating and really enlightened the places of my life I had allowed to go into hiding.”


“There’s so much honesty that comes from Heather Jo. She doesn’t act as if she has the answers, or some idyllic life that is perfect because of this system she designed. The leadership in the course is raw, honest, and realistic. I trust her.”


“Heather knows what she’s talking about. She teaches in a natural and personal way, and has deeply thought through how it is for women in patriarchy, and how we can take a new approach, to our lives and our writing.”


“Heather Jo has hit on something special. As a woman it important for me to write and I’m enjoying the topics she has chosen. I deeply appreciate the supportive, friendly space Heather has created and am finding it enthralling and liberating to read, write and share in this group.”


“The assignments are easy to understand, even for a non-native to the English language. If you want to grow as a person, as a permaculturist and as a writer, please follow Heather’s work, take her courses and have lots of fun!


“Heather Jo’s courses create a bridge between earth care and people care. I was really struggling to care for myself, while carrying the weight of the world, in terms of environmental responsibility. Heather Jo helped me marry those things in clear, obvious, almost hilarious ways, especially in strengthening my personal boundaries, the way I would secure my garden fences! Her courses made me feel validated in my struggles, valued in my skillsets, and empowered to make real changes.”


Articles & Publications

I write often, and on a diversity of topics. I also curate an online magazine for women in permaculture.

Food Not Lawns book

344-pages of permaculture how-to

Food Not Lawns, How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community

This was my first book, published in 2006 and based on a decade of community gardening and grassroots activism. Read the entire, original text, with more than 90 original illustrations by Jackie Holmstrom, for free:

Heather Jo Flores novel

read my novel

Naked Lady Soup

Part memoir, part manifesto, part magical realism, this fast and funny novel tells the story of a group of young, creative, single women trying to navigate the absurd and hilarious woes of modern relationships while also trying to stay sane, make the rent, and manage to enjoy what’s left of their youth. Written in 2008, 180 pages.

Read it for a buck!

design your life

Free Online Courses in Permaculture and Creative Thinking

Select from a unique collection of unique and original resources, sure to help you unleash your best self!

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