To the woman who says she’s not a feminist: guess what? Yeah y’are.

Here are twenty reasons why you’re a feminist, and why you should stop telling people you aren’t.

Twenty reasons why you might be a feminist, even if you insist that you aren’t:

  1. You want the legal right to read, write, and go to school.
  2. You want the right to vote and hold political office.
  3. You want to be able to walk down the street by yourself.
  4. You want the legal right to carry money in public.
  5. You want to right to work for your own money and/or own property.
  6. You want to be able to speak your opinion in public without being arrested or beaten by passers-by.
  7. You want the freedom to have a different religion than your husband.
  8. You want the right to leave an abusive husband.
  9. You want the right to choose who you have sex with, live with, and marry.
  10. You want access to birth control, and the right to choose how many children you have.
  11. You want access to gynecological care, without your husband in the room.
  12. You have a driver’s license.
  13. You want to be able to choose what you eat.
  14. You want the right to grow plants in your own garden.
  15. You want to decide for yourself whether wear a bra, wear makeup, remove body hair, dress up super sexy and go out with your friends….or not.
  16. You enjoy wearing pants.
  17. You enjoy dancing, and not just ballroom dancing.
  18. You masturbate and/or have orgasms without fear of imprisonment.
  19. You want to be able to have private conversations with other women.
  20. If somebody rapes, beats, or murders you, you would like for them to face prosecution.

Yep, feminists made it possible for you to have these rights and so much more. If you enjoy doing any of these things, or even if you just think women should have the right to do this stuff without risking arrest and execution, then you’re a feminist, and some of the feminists who came before you lost their lives so that you could have these rights.

You’re welcome.

No, seriously, you’re welcome, wherever we are. We care about you and want you to thrive. It’s ok that you didn’t understand before what feminism is and does. Now you do. See you soon!

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