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Creative Cultivation and Action-Focused Project Design

I’m a traditionally published author, full-time creative, and have been entirely self-employed as writer, entrepreneur, and permaculture teacher, for 30 years. I’m bilingual, multiracial, neurodivergent, hold multiple degrees and certificates, and bring a wide-ranging Interdisciplinary skillset to the table, from gardening, permaculture, and community organizing to wrangling the technical and logistical challenges of running an online education business with over 100,000 students.

If you found your way to this page, you are probably familiar with my work. I’m not here to teach you how to create huge projects that make huge amounts of money. I’m here to show you how to make small projects that make enough money, while also contributing to a more sustainable world.

How can I help you reach your creative, ecological, and professional goals?

Here are the 4 types of sessions I can create for you.

  • Creative Cultivation Sessions: Overcoming Blocks & Building Practices
    Unleash your creativity with a personalized workshop, whether you’re a writer, artist, musician, or ecopreneur. From breaking through creative barriers to establishing a profitable daily routine, we’ll craft a hands-on plan together and get you over the hump.
  • Harvest Your Vision Workshop: Content Generation & Writing Support
    Tackle big writing projects or generate content for your blog and social media channels. We’re with you every step of the way, providing editing, brainstorming, feedback, and support to turn ideas into action.
  • Eco-Entrepreneur Empowerment Day: Building Your Online Business
    Transform your ideas into a thriving online venture. From market research to course creation, we guide you through the ins and outs of building a profitable, ecologically sustainable business.
  • Permaculture Project Progress Day: Designing Your Ecological Future
    No matter what stage you’re at in your permaculture journey, we’ll help you take the next step. This day is dedicated to refining knowledge and turning your design ideas into an actionable plan.

All of the above workshops are a booked in either half-day or full-day sessions. My real experience is that at least a half-day of focused energy is the minimum amount of time it takes to get things unstuck and create tangible results.

Here’s what our day together will look like:

I’ll be completely at your service for an entire day and together, we’ll chart a practical course to navigate challenges, harness opportunities, and take your project from vision to reality by the shortest, most cost-effective, and most ecological route possible.

  • Morning time, whatever hour is best for you: we have a video-chat over coffee, get to know each other a bit more, and establish our specific, measurable goal for the day.
  • Between coffee and mid-day, we work autonomously on the pieces of your puzzle. This means that you will have a to-do list and so will I. My to-do list might include doing research on your behalf or setting up the beginnings of your website to get you over the steepest part of a learning curve. Your to-do list might include analyzing or organizing key parts of your project so we can start to create your action plan.
  • All during that time, we are in constant contact. We’ll keep collective notes in a shared Google Doc, so that all comments and questions can be in one place as much as possible, but you’ll also have my phone number for when you just need a very fast answer.
  • At lunchtime, we meet up again and discuss our progress so far. We’ll adjust goals as needed. We’ll create our part-two to-do lists. (If we’re doing a half day then this is when we will have a short closing session and send you on your way.)
  • After lunch, we do more co-working on your project.
  • Finally, when our day together is almost over, we meet up one more time to assess how well we reached our goals and talk about next steps.

Each day-long session includes 8 hours of my undivided attention and two weeks of email followup support. Half day sessions include 4 hours of undivided attention and one week of email support.

Hourly sessions are also available, as scheduling permits, but those are more like brainstorming sessions. We can brainstorm on any topic you want, but it just isn’t enough time to get a lot of work done.

How to book a session

  • Step 1. Fill out the application. I only take a few clients a month and I only take clients who have a specific project they need help with. If you’ve got a thing you want to do, you need somebody to help you create the action plan to make it happen, and you’re ready to get it on, I’m your girl.
  • Step 2. Once I receive your application, I will reach out via email to answer any questions and give you the booking link.
  • Step 3. Make your payment and book our time together. All payments must be made in full, at the time you book your appointment. I do not offer refunds but you can reschedule if needed.

Pricing Packages

All prices are in USD.

  • Full-day 1500
  • Half-day 1000
  • 2 consecutive full days 2500
  • Hourly 400
  • Package of 5 hours 1500 (use within a year)

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Ready to fill out the application?

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