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So much of what I offer you is words, please enjoy this exploration of the less-verbal persuasion. I grew these plants, made these paintings, arranged these moments, wrote, sang, and played guitar on these songs, and took all of these snapshots. I am honored that you’re here to share them and I hope you have a lovely visit. If you’d like a monthly loveletter with images and like these, and the stories that go with them, jump on my mailing list.

Heather Jo Flores seahorse painting
Heather Jo Flores permaculture garden
tagetes patula
Heather Jo Flores chicken painting
Heather Jo Flores Guadalupe collage
Heather Jo Flores farm
organic garlic
Heather Jo Flores
Heather Jo Flores American Gothic day of the dead painting
Heather Jo Flores taming the beast painting
hnad with hummingbird California
creative thinking art studio
land art Chartres Labyrinth
Heather Jo Flores Macabea album cover day of the dead
close up sunflower
bakset with herbs calendula marigold
food not lawns punk patch
food not lawns before and after garden Heather Jo Flores
hand with scarlet runner beans
Flamenco painting by Heather Jo Flores
wide angle organic permaculture farm in Oregon with greenhouse
handbuilt ceramin lion planter wall hanging by Heather Jo Flores
lilith woodcut painting by Heather Jo Flores
papaver somniferum dark violet flower
a bee and borage flower closeup
many varieties of heirloom tomatoes
painting inside greenhouse home of Heather Jo Flores
Tagetes erecta marigold garland
Tagetes erecta marigold garland
Food Not Lawns book
permaculture garden
Heather Jo Flores Steamroller album cover
brugmansia flower closeup
brugmansia flower with bee closeup
land art by Heather Jo Flores
fear of intimacy painting by Heather Jo Flores
papaver somniferum opium poppy painting by Heather Jo Flores
food forest with lavender and citrus
River's Turn Farm with lion's tail
Naked Lady Soup by Heather Jo Flores
fractal flower mandala
painting by Heather Jo Flores
painting by Heather Jo Flores
Heather Jo Flores
close up of a dandelion flower
black dragonfly on borage flowers
painting by Heather Jo Flores

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