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Emotional Permaculture:

Use ecological principles to design your inner landscape.

This is a short yet challenging workshop that uses the same principles and processes we use in ecological landscape design to help you design a happy and healthy "inner landscape."

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Do you need to know permaculture to take this course?

No. In fact, you'll get a basic introduction to what permaculture is and does, on Day One.

Procrastination, burnout, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm are all symptoms that you need to put some energy into designing your inner landscape.

An intentional design of your inner landscape will reflect in every layer of your work on the land. This 3-day online Emotional Permaculture course is about using practical "designer's mind" tools to:

  • Assert healthy boundaries
  • Support your self care needs
  • Identify blocks and resistances
  • Conduct a rigorous personal assessment
  • Design a dedicated practice around your regenerative goals

Here's what students are saying about this course

"Most of my emotional introspection tends to be of the frazzled 'I'm-failing-at-everything' 'I-shouldn't-be-feeling-this-way' variety, so it was really helpful to approach my 'emotional landscape' from a different perspective via this course :) Thank you for helping me put my ideas into practice :)"

Here's what students are saying about this course

"The format is comprehensive for all learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. I engaged my right and left brain, and never a dull moment. I also loved the videos--what a personal touch!"

Here's what students are saying about this course

"I was really struggling to care for myself, while carrying the weight of the world, in terms of environmental responsibility. Heather Jo helped me marry those things in clear, obvious, almost hilarious ways, especially in strengthening my personal boundaries, the way I would secure my garden fences!"

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Payments are processed in USD, through a secure, encrypted portal and this is the ONLY time we will ever ask for a donation for this course.​

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