learn by writing

Permaculture Women Writing Challenge

This is a short yet challenging workshop that uses the same principles and processes we use in ecological landscape design to help you design a happy and healthy "inner landscape." 21 days, 21 prompts, and an awesome community of writers to share with!

Do you need to know permaculture to take this course?

Not at all, in fact it might be the perfect introduction! Here are a few sample prompts:

A 21-day, online writing challenge for women writers and permaculture designers of all levels of experience and expertise, to help us focus on solutions, creativity, and joy. 

Created by published author and permaculture expert Heather Jo Flores, specifically for women who love to write, have a passion for plants, and want to explore more ideas around permaculture and sustainability. 

All participants will have the opportunity to publish your writing in Permaculture Women Magazine, and to get and give feedback in our dedicated Facebook forum. 

​A writing challenge can bring many positive outcomes:​​

  • Network and discover publishing opportunities.
  • Relieve stress and channel intense energy.​
  • Meet other writers and share feedback.
  • Focus on solutions and generate ideas.
  • Create a daily writing habit.
  • Dislodge creative blocks.​

I ask folks to make a voluntary contribution of $10-$50, sliding scale, for this 21-day, all-original writing challenge. 

Payment is absolutely optional, and your generosity helps fund free permaculture courses for people all over the world. You'll have your choice of prices when you enroll. ​​

Payments are processed in USD, through a secure, encrypted portal.